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15 October 2014

When su Says |shü|

This is another one of those rules that doesn't come into play very often.

As a reading teacher, it is sometimes really tempting to skip these sorts of rules. They seem so insignificant, and they apply to such a small percentage of words.

But we we really want our students struggling over, say, the word insurance when they get older? No!

And so we teach it.

And, hey, all kids like the word sugar, right?


Sometimes, su says |shü|. And now our students are advanced enough to handle this fact.

Here's the card for your student's binder:


01 October 2014

Treadwell First Reader,
Story 2

If you have been using this curriculum all along, then there is no new material to introduce here.

If you haven't been using this curriculum all along, you might want to flip through the story and see if there is anything you need to introduce. Remember, I'm here to help, but you don't really need me. You can teach! Really. You can.

My student read this story all in one sitting, and she did quite well. I'm almost tempted to skip stories when she's doing so well, but I am increasingly convinced that these days where nothing new is learned and old rules are applied in new ways are important for her maturation as a reader.

So here's the lesson:

Lesson One

29 September 2014

Treadwell First Reader,
Story 1

And here we are, our very first reading lesson for the First Reader by Harriet Taylor Treadwell! It is always exciting to begin a new book.

Lesson One

Remember that this is a good time to talk about homophones.

Lesson Two

26 September 2014

The Next Step: Introducing the First Reader by Harriet Taylor Treadwell

So, we've finished the Treadwell Primer, and it's time to move on to bigger and better things. This doesn't mean we're leaving Treadwell behind, though. After the Primer comes the readers, all of which are very good. They're still building incrementally, while requiring lots of practice, but with good literature, so that the children are developing their aesthetic sense while learning to read.

Naturally, you're going to need to buy the book in order to teach these lessons. I'm using the copy published by Yesterday's Classics, and when I use page numbers, that is the edition I'm referring to. If you run across a beautiful vintage hardback somewhere, by all means buy it! It's totally worth it!

But you might need to double-check the page numbers.

I'm going to use the coding TF for this set of lessons. "T" meaning "Treadwell," of course, and "F" meaning "First Reader." Consistent coding has been the key to improving navigation around here.

But I'm also creating a static page for all of the lessons for this book. Each time I publish a new lesson, I'll link it to the static page. I still think that the best way to follow this blog is to subscribe by email, but static pages are nice, too.

In the coming weeks, then, I'll be posting lessons for The First Reader. Make sure you have it, along with everything you need for the Official TRwBB Binder System.