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20 October 2010

Diphthong #2: oo

Okay, so in Book 12 of Set 2, we encounter our second oo sound in the series. (This is the long oo sound, where the lips look like they are blowing out a candle, as in zoo, rather than the short, grunting oo sound we find in the word book.)

As usual, I added in a couple more examples when we began our little diphthong chart, which looked like this:
If you're feeling brave, you can point out words that are a bit longer, like mood. But I used the short words above. As you can see, too is the new "sight" word which isn't a sight word, zoo is the word the students learned as a sight word previously, and the others are words they can read once they become familiar with the diphthong, but that they likely haven't read before. Everytime a sight word transitions to a word that has a rule, we see lightbulbs.

And we can all thank the Lord that our language makes a bit of sense.

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